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the state of the sky when it is covered by clouds

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Single-layer clouds dominate oceanic areas all year round, especially over the South China Sea in spring, the eastern part of the Philippines, and the East China Sea in winter, where they account for more than 70% of the total cloud amount.
The lowest correlation, 0.92, has been found in June and somewhat higher in April, May, July and August when the diurnal evolution of the cloud amount is strongly influenced by convection.
The method involves (1) calculating clear-sky radiation for a particular site on a given day of the year, (2) estimating cloud amount and cloud transmissivity (based on cloud type) for low, middle and high-level cloud layers, and (3) adjusting the clear-sky radiation by the cloud effects.
The cloud amount will increase becoming convective, associated with rain by afternoon east and southward.
"There will be plenty of sunshine and fair weather clouds but weak weather fronts will bring increased cloud amount on Wednesday and Thursday."
Cloud amount likely to increase gradually over the eastward byafternoon.
To further examine the propensity for fog along the coast, we examined the climatology of the total cloud amount for the boundary layer (Figure 5) and precipitable water for the vertical column (Figure 6).
The cloud amount is expected to increase gradually and the chances of rain will improve from tonight until tomorrow morning.
The cloud amount will increase eastward, with a chance of convective cloud formation by afternoon."
For a different choice of parameters, the cloud-base peak in cloud amount is much less pronounced, it changes less with warming, and the climate sensitivity of the model is more than halved (Fig.
Meanwhile, unsettled weather is expected in the country from Wednesday until Friday morning as the cloud amount will increase gradually and there is a chance of scattered rain, which will mostly be light to moderate in intensity, the report adds.
Relative humidity and cloud amount are expected to increase.
Cloud amount will increase at times, especially to the north and east wards, with a chance of some rain, with significant fall of temperatures over some areas, especially westwards.
In addition, Foster and Heidinger (2013) demonstrate techniques to account for changes in observation time for time series of cloud amount and other cloud properties.
The cloud amount is likely to increase gradually on Friday with a chance of scattered light rain, the report says.