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Synonyms for clotheshorse

a framework on which to hang clothes (as for drying)

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a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

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I remember kidding a very good friend from church that she was a real clotheshorse and always dressed like the women in the magazines.
Introduced by Mattel at the Toy Fair in 1959 as "The Barbie Doll: A Shapely Teenage Fashion Model," the long-limbed, 11-inch clotheshorse has no soul and barely a personality but has been the most successful doll in history.
This year the name that keeps coming up among the competitors as their style icon is not an actress, singer or professional clotheshorse - but our future queen, the Duchess of Cambridge.
While there is no doubt the mother-of-two looked sensational, it is the ultimate style faux pas to wear a garment one month after a TV chef did when you are a professional clotheshorse.
Draper and her fabulous wardrobe to give the show what it needed to chronicle the changing fashions of the 60s: a clotheshorse," The Awl (http://www.
For the purposes of this moral lesson, we will overlook the fact that, since my oldest was born, I've been on approximately 9675 diets and there isn't a piece of exercise equipment yet to be invented that I haven't purchased, dumped in the corner of my bedroom and then reclassi ed as a clotheshorse.
Oh, and just for good measure and in case clip after clip of the Croydon clotheshorse was not enough, Mr Brown also managed to get Sienna Miller and Sadie Frost into a few frames and some shots of our own "actress and socialite" - as the programme referred to her - Davinia Taylor flicking through interiors magazines with James at her famous home.
Anyway, you'd think the world's oldest clotheshorse - sorry, I meant 'original supermodel' - would be a natural at life in the jungle having been such a big hit on the Blighty version of the show a few years back.
HE IS - and I quote - 'the unlikely hero of the hour, a clotheshorse in the best sense of the word.
John McCririck rightly laid into clotheshorse Caprice for touting her underwear range.
Hughes' role as star narrator and clotheshorse aside, his accomplishment is considerable.
An empty-headed clotheshorse with a former coke habit?
A fashion nightmare in the making -- but this canny clotheshorse carried it off, thanks to sky blue accessories -- bracelet and tiny flecks of the colour in her top -- plus a beaming grin and her bag emblazoned with the face of who else but Elvis.
Clotheshorse Liz Hurley has been taking in the shows at Paris Fashion Week.
Ever the clotheshorse, he's wearing a long, nubby gray-and-black sweater and a shirt with lace tights.