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wood or plastic fastener

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Tip TO prevent hanging baskets from spinning in the wind, clip the chains together with a clothes peg.
Tickets are pounds 5 and can be bought from The Clothes Peg or by calling Beth on 07798612958.
one roommate for the price of a clothes peg, or almost, for ena was like that, determined and focused, able to see the tiniest of details in the smallest thing.
Skin 2 (2010) by Mehmet Ali Uysal - a giant clothes peg in a park near Liege, Belgium 4.
Terry S has erected a rather fetching net cage held in place with a number of those brightly coloured clothes peg you get from one of these 'pound' shops.
She was later seen posing in an ultra-tight white dress, which had a huge clothes peg securing it from the back.
But we also had wellingtons and thick socks which we wore when we walked to school in the rain and snow, carrying shoes to change in to and a clothes peg to keep our wellies together.
Two already-made bombs were also found - one in an outbuilding and the other in a wheelie bin - and the search teams discovered makeshift detonators, including one adapted from a simple wooden clothes peg.
Among all the crumbs, a range of lost pens, the odd clothes peg, I came up with pounds 1.
His clothes peg has a label saying: 'Prince William.
The mute swan's bite is just about as painful as a clothes peg on your finger; as for the wings, I've had harder 'whoppings' from Sir's cane at school
You get medals for horses doing tap dancing, and bobbing around in a swimming pool with a clothes peg on your nose, so don't tell me darts is less of a sport than those events.
Also from Cox and Cox is the chirpy clothes peg garland that will help put some fun into hanging out the washing.
The Life and Times of The Clothes Peg or a Tribute to the Fire Extinguisher.