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a hanger that is shaped like a person's shoulders and used to hang garments on

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The clothes hanger is usually treated as an all-purpose hanging device, offering no exclusivity to clothing items in terms of their size, length and width.
The Filipino, 37, used a camera hidden in a clothes hanger to film the Filipina until he was caught in November last year.
He admitted during investigation that he had fixed a hidden camera in the shape of a clothes hanger on the bathroom's door.
When you're pulling power up from an unfinished basement, a simple way to figure out where to drill the hole for the new cable is to drill a small "finder" hole near the base of the wall and stick a length of wire clothes hanger down through the hole.
Gather your tools: a board for the base, a wire clothes hanger, a wire cutter, needle nose pliers, a screwdriver, and several screws.
One has a passenger on the handlebars -- another panda, carrying his familiar black and white "suit" on a clothes hanger, with his pink and black skin exposed.
What did one clothes hanger say to the other clothes hanger?
Before purchasing a treadmill or any other home exercise equipment, try it out to see if it meets your needs and you are comfortable using it; otherwise, it may become a very expensive clothes hanger.
Jamie Mansfield, a second year student of furniture and product design at Nottingham Trent University, has won a [pounds sterling]1,000 prize for his collapsible flatpack clothes hanger as well as a 4.
They treat me like I'm part of the family, not just some clothes hanger," she added.
So my freshly-purchased mountain bike is currently a very convenient clothes hanger in my hallway until the wind subsides to something less aggressive, and my swimming shorts will stay tucked away for a few more weeks.
Ltd., a specialist maker of clothes hanger? in Taiwan, is promoting its multifunctional electric clothes hanger that features remote control, air ventilator, and UV lighting.
TIME TO PAY: Chantelle thoughtful as she splits the bill HUG: Chantelle greets Preston as he carries clothes hanger
NAOMI CAMPBELL is a clothes hanger and has as much intelligence as one but she's not the baddy in the war crimes trial.