clothes dryer

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a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing

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Unused gas valves are common in laundry rooms where electric clothes dryers are installed.
After spending some time in a room with the clothes dryer, he reported to the sales team, "You can't sell this thing.
Consumer education while making clothes dryers safer and greener are the main focus of DVW franchisees.
Typically heating and air conditioning draw too much power to be feasible for most solar setups, as are water heaters and electric clothes dryers.
Victorian-style clothes dryers are practical and save money | 2.
They specialize in LG and Samsung washing machine repair and clothes dryer repair, as well as all types of appliance installation services.
It entails applying a nonionic liquid fabric treatment composition with at least one active ingredient to a nonwoven substrate, with the liquid fabric treatment composition being at ambient temperature when applied; placing damp clothing into the interior of the clothes dryer; placing the substrate into the clothes dryer, the liquid fabric treatment composition applied to the substrate being in liquid form when the substrate is placed into the interior of the clothes dryer; tumbling the damp clothing and the substrate in the clothes dryer with the damp clothing and the substrate not enclosed together within a bag or other container, and transferring an effective amount of the active ingredient from the substrate evenly throughout the damp clothing during the course of the drying cycle.
She was worried that they would shrink in the clothes dryer too, so she came up with the brilliant idea of air-drying the caps by strapping each one to a blade on her ceiling fan.
If you like the comforting scent of a warm, fluffy bath towel right out of the clothes dryer, you'll want to wrap yourself in Fusion Brands' new Clean bath and body line ($18-$34), formulated with Cotton Vantage technology.
One of the suggestions was to vent the clothes dryer into the home.
The facility rents out one entire townhouse for one group, and it is fully equipped with kitchen, washing machine, clothes dryer, computer, and Internet, making it suitable for both short- and long-term stays.
The breathable material has long-term fade resistance, and comes out of a clothes dryer ready to wear.
The reusable web adsorber can be reactivated in a clothes dryer.
Theo Shaw, Brixton, South London TO bring back the fluffiness in bed pillows, put them in the clothes dryer.
They have gone nearly extinct now, replaced by the electric (or gas) clothes dryer, which offers no charm but great convenience, especially on rainy days.