clothes drier

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a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing

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The council now wants the laundry to be put in clothes driers inside homes and apartment buildings.
Rechi said it had begun shipping inverter compressors to the top-10 European home-appliance firms, including Electrolux, to facilitate production of high-tier clothes driers last year, with some 400,000 drier compressors delivered to Europe last year to account for 4% of total sales of such product.
I used to use the running machine as a clothes drier but now I have started using it again.
Another example would be where a leak develops in a line leading to an appliance, like a gas clothes drier.
But my family and I know, too, the struggles of coping with the transition; from the initial destruction that prepares the space for its transformation, to the noise, dust and occasional casualty of possessions that fall victim to renovation and construction projects (our clothes drier was an early martyr, going down choking on drywall dust).
investments The Swedish-owned financial services company ASA Creditsafe (UK), Australian rotary clothes drier manufacturer Hills Industries and American-owned packaging specialist Moulded Paper International will also safeguard 200 jobs.
As the emphasis on the European influence for bolder or environmental colours became more apparent, the consumer testing showed that customers wanted their rotary clothes drier to blend into its surroundings.
It is expected the machine will be tilted at an angle and spin at exceptional speeds, making clothes drier, reducing washing times and saving electricity and water.
A bloodstained whirligig clothes drier was also found in the garden in Gigha Lane, Irvine, Ayrshire, .
I recently bought a clothes drier installed by the supplier - a simple case of putting a UK-style three-pin plug into a suitable hole in the wall and flicking the switch.
Clothes drier What an ingenious invention - you'll look like the biggest poser ever with this contraption.
There's even a rotary clothes drier ready to be planted in the back garden.
The assumptions that go into the analysis, and the resulting number, matter a lot, because they play a key role in the cost-benefit analysis for countless regulations -- not only the Obama Administration's Clean Power Plan, but also fuel economy rules for automobiles and trucks and energy efficiency rules for appliances, including refrigerators, microwave ovens, clothes washers, small motors, and clothes driers.
Every home at Greenvale Park also offers a selection of additional eco-friendly specifications, including solar panels and insulated wall and roof spaces to reduce energy waste, rotary clothes driers, efficient boilers, low energy lighting, water butts in the garden and a shed for bike storage.