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Synonyms for clothed

wearing or provided with clothing


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covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak

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Affirming baptism can help to drive into our hearts that the newness we have received has, as the words of Paul convey, clothed us with a new identity.
If he is young, has very short hair, seems very guarded in his speech and has a cohort willing to (ad)dress him as "Ya Bey" (sir or officer), he can wear informal western dress and pass as a plain clothed policeman or state security, a tactic guaranteed to discourage cheating cab drivers and shopkeepers.
When shoppers step fully clothed into Intellifit's cylindrical glass booth, the system quickly and accurately captures their body measurements in about 10 seconds.
When they showed them to Peter, they showed themselves, whole selves, newly clothed, restored to life and dignity through Dorcas's attention to the community sharing of goods.
When I asked Kim about the ways she sees women at the Women's Center being clothed for new life--not just with new clothing, but as whole selves--Kim talked about offering shelter and safety.