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The ceremony was held with a black cloth covering the chair, which the National Park has named one of its 60 wonders.
The heavy cloth covering the Kaaba is made of fine silk and engraved with Koran verses embroidered in gold-plated threads.
MAKKAH: The Kaaba is to receive a new Kiswa - the specially adorned black silk cloth covering the entire structure - on Dhul Hijjah 9.
What name is given to the green cloth covering a snooker table?
The body is then covered with a special pall--a simple white cloth covering with a gold cross sewn on it, which is kept folded in the ABSV chapel.
Because of the inscription IHESVS XPS and the accompanying grapevine and pelican, both common Christological symbols of sacrifice, on the cloth covering his throne, this figure must be Christ.
Instead we kneel at the altar of the emaciated models who grace the catwalks of Paris and Milan, who smile out from magazine covers, their ribs visible through the slashed sides of the piece of cloth covering their modesty.
Then there's the case of John Walker Lindh, dubbed by the media as "the American Taliban." This much we know: Lindh was blindfolded, stripped naked (except for a cloth covering his penis and testicles), bound and strapped to a metal gurney, and photographed in this humiliating, dehumanizing position for all of the world's media to see.
The special box, 20 centimeters higher than an ordinary box, also features a cloth covering which does not absorb the heat, as well as insulating material attached to the top and the floor.
He was wearing sneakers with white bottoms, red pants, a navy blue shirt, a black jacket and a dark cloth covering his face.
By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 24 August 2017: Egypt's former Grand Mufti, Ali Gomaa, said that Salafists' claims that the "niqab" (cloth covering the face) is obligatory for women in Islam as a pretext for them to consider other Muslims faithless and thus take power.
Islam's holiest shrine will be decorated with the new Kiswa, a specially adorned black silk cloth covering the entire structure, at the culmination of the Haj, on Dhu Al Hijjah 9, the Arafat Day.
Michele di Ridolfo del Ghirlandaio's Venus and Cupid dates to the late 1500s, but the striped gown and blue cloth covering the naked Roman Goddess of love were added for modesty in the early 19th century.