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a flat woolen cap with a stiff peak


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Heckingbottom (below), who will be confirmed as Oakwell's permanent chief whether his side win or lose beneath the national stadium's iconic arch, revealed: "When we played here in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy final at the start of last month, the vast majority of our followers wore cloth caps.
Whenever I have been in the south on business even now when I say I am from Huddersfield people's reaction is still the thought of cloth caps and mill chimneys and when I say 'do you watch Last of the Summer Wine' and they say 'yes', I say 'well, that is Huddersfield' to which the reply is normally 'no way, I didn't know Huddersfield was so lovely'.
Most men and women I know whose personal circumstances are similar to mine are smug, but I'm outraged by the injustice and inequality I see and what to me the Labour Party was set up to eradicate Once the appeal of Labour was to men who wore cloth caps and did strenuous and dirty manual jobs and were treated with contempt by employers and treated unfairly by private landlords they rented houses from.
It appears a good night was had by all when regulars at the Dilmun Club donned their finest cloth caps for an Only Fools and Horses night of TV nostalgia when the poolside went Peckham.
"In 1911, men could be ranked in descending order by top hats, bowler hats, trilbies or cloth caps. Now we have the equality of the naked head" Culture guru Lord (Melvyn) Bragg "I went for a film festival.
REMEMBER, earlier this week, we warned about David Cameron and his fancy dress Tories dressing up in cloth caps and stealing Labour's ideas?
She said: "With pigeon racing people think of cloth caps and clogs while falcons are beautiful."
So if you see them in cloth caps and Barbour jackets wandering round Broad Street one weekend, don't worry.
And it's not the world of cloth caps and pigeon poo you once knew it as.
What we need, therefore, is more hats: proper ones, from cloth caps to trilbies, homburgs, bowlers and toppers.'
I hate to to break it to them,but cloth caps are the least of their worries.
CLOTH caps and sawdust are firmly in the past as the oldest working men's club in the country settles into new premises in Coventry city centre.
Hang up your cloth caps and concentrate on the needs of the modern working population.
There wasn't one replica shirt on show at this game from 114 years ago, but there was certainly an abundance of cloth caps and tobacco smoke, with many in crowd happily puffing away on pipes.
THE popularity of Birmingham-based series Peaky Blinders has hit a peak - with one hatter making a killing by flogging the cloth caps sported on set.