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a flat woolen cap with a stiff peak


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This customary attire that started as a simple cloth cap mostly tailored in black fabric transitioned brilliantly and its evolved orientations has served greatly to bridge any potential discrepancies in its popularity.
The Bunnet, so called because of his trademark cloth cap, rescued the club in 1994.
Once again, your letter writers bemoan the hijacking of the title "engineer" by those of the cloth cap, greasy boiler-suited persuasion.
Norman who died yesterday after a series of strokesattheageof95inthe Isle of Man was known as the "knockabout clown" who made millions playing the downtrodden little man in the cloth cap and the ill-fitting jacket.
He was black, in his 40s, and wearing a cloth cap, a light shirt, grey jacket and suit trousers, and black shoes.
When he was last seen, McLaughlin - who is diabetic and has a heart condition - was wearing a cloth cap and a red and blue jacket.
He was last seen wearing a cloth cap, a red and blue jacket and a white sweater.
I can see him now in his old cloth cap, With a fag burnt to the end, He drank a lot that was his life, He will always be my friend.
My checking on gild paid another dividend, the new slang noun gimme cap: "A cloth cap with a bill, adorned with the name of an organization or a product logo: 'one-size-fits-all gimme caps' (Charles Leerhsen).
1) winter cloth cap, black, 3 rows of leaves / ACadru - cant cant min = 1 max = 50 / CS cant cant min = 1 max = 25;
A necktie and an old cloth cap, and three piece suit he'd don.
His downtrodden little man character, twiddling his cloth cap and doing prat falls, became a cult in communist Albania, where his were the only Western films allowed.
Certainly Mike, who sported a fine jumper as well as his cloth cap, looked like he had just stepped out of The Troubadour and was about to head off for a pint.
She wore a man's cloth cap, chewed shag tobacco and spat copiously when she was not clacking and muttering to herself.
Mr Cloth Cap will always come racing, but others will not to see a drunken hen party falling across the lawn as a three-horse race concludes.