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(stock market) the price of the last transaction completed during a day's trading session

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CEO of Tadawul Khalid Al Hussan said: "Implementing the Trade at Last session reflects our commitment to offer market participants value-added services that align with best international practices, cater to their needs, and provide them with additional time and flexibility needed to execute trades on the closing price after the Closing Auction."
The RVS Closing Price System is designed to offer an entry point into the markets and also comes with fully comprehensive support from the company.
Additionally, it is expected that certain investors might prefer placing their orders at or near the closing time during the normal trading session so that their orders are filled as near to the official closing price as possible to reduce their tracking error.
The new trading-at-last session will start 20 seconds after 1355, allowing investors to place orders based on the already calculated closing prices of securities.
Dubai Financial Market (DFM) today announced that it will implement a Pre-Closing Session mechanism to determine the Closing Price of Equity and Debt Securities traded on DFM as of Wednesday, 14th May 2014.
(Not Rated, closing price as of 24/05/13: TRY 4.45, target price: Not Rated)Kazanci Holding, Aksa Enerjis (AKSEN TI) main shareholder, announced that the sales process of 100mn shares (or 16.3% stake) of Aksa Enerji to international institutional investors has been completed.
The new regulations stipulate that in order for a stock's closing price to change, the number of shares traded should not be less than 0.5 percent of the stock's average daily turnover within the last three months and the share's value should not be less than EGP 10,000, or the equivalent in foreign currency.
The five snapshots are arranged in ascending order and the median is taken as the closing price.
Noon time will bring about a closing price that will match pre-close posted orders, then trading will continue at the closing price until 12:10.
Based on the 7 May 2010 closing price of Comtech stock which was $31.06, CPI shareholders will receive a combination of cash and stock that is currently valued at approximately USD16.40 per CPI common share.
Regulators with the NYSE told STMG on Wednesday its consecutive 30-day average closing price was below $1.00 per share.
This represents a premium of 60.9 percent over the closing price on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Oct.
Valuation is permitted at a point in time other than the closing price of the issuing corporation stock on the last business day before the binding contract is signed.
The per share purchase price represents a 13.8% premium over TCT's closing price this afternoon and a 16.5% premium over the 60-day average closing price.