closing off

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the act of isolating something


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Work is now beginning on phase two of the project, which involves closing off the north side of the abbey to carry out the same work to stabilise the floor.
There are three good reasons to get an HVAC contractor involved before you start closing off heat vents, especially with today's high-efficiency furnaces and well-balanced systems.
Not to be outdone, SmokeFree Wisconsin began warning that after five minutes of exposure, "your body starts closing off arteries." In October the Minnesota Association for Nonsmokers declared that "just thirty seconds of exposure to secondhand smoke can make coronary artery function of non-smokers indistinguishable from [that of] smokers."
Here, even a barrier closing off the passage between the two gallery spaces--Senza titolo (Untitled), 2005--was nothing more than a double wall of tissue paper, two thin sheets with a small gap between them.
* Closing off your right nostril using your right thumb, exhale and inhale once through your left nostril.
In the latter he sees Virgil making a move that will be made more emphatically by later writers: closing off the homoerotic space that pastoral opens up "in the same way that one would seal a tomb" (73).
The other Republicans voting against closing off debate were Sens.