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a photograph taken at close range

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Again, our management team is deeply saddened by the events that took place at the Forever Summer music festival last year,' Closeup spokesperson Ed Sunico said.
This book gives a closeup view of obesity's effects on children's lives by recounting children's and adolescents' daily struggles with body image, school snacks, the pull to inactivity, and families' efforts to change lifestyle and behavior.
In Closeup Gallery (2003)--filmed in Los Angeles, it was completed after Martin's move to London in 2002--the human figure is no longer static like a model or a specimen but rather the active manipulator of things.
In Digital Nature Photography Closeup, Jon Cox (author of Digital Nature Photography) performs the similar task of introducing the reader to the advantages and incredible opportunities provided by digital photography.
My initial inspiration may be from a Persian miniature floral border or a closeup photograph of a leaf; these become very different things when seen from above, in three dimensions, with texture and in an unexpected size," Weissman said.
Editor: I have been doing closeup photographs of plants collected and/or described by Lewis and Clark from Lolo Pass to the Pacific Ocean and have studied the various references giving their names and dates.
In place of a car chase or a battle scene, what you get is an extreme closeup of a woman breaking down.
Photos portray the design team and production line, giving good closeup details of the large, blue flying boat as it took shape in Martin's factory, including the P6M-2's redesigned cockpit canopy for enhanced visibility.
Unfortunately, someone at Fox is in love with the tight closeup, and we had little except that for the entire Series.
the reel keeps spinning a closeup on your body is unrepeatable
Schlesinger held his ground and shot a closeup, but not without witnessing visible discomfort from his crew and, later, from his distributors.
The only hitch is the size of the violin, which is miked rather closeup, to such an extent that in the Glazunov, especially, it rather dominates the orchestra.
No anchoring is permitted (there's a series of mooring buoys instead), spear fishing is banned, and divers are warned not to touch the coral or even to photograph it with a closeup lens.
Then ABC News gets to rebut the rumor by broadcasting a closeup of Foster's lifeless, powder-stained hand, still gripped around the gun he used on himself.