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a photograph taken at close range

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The index was developed by IP CloseUp, an online information portal hosted by IP expert, trend spotter, consultant and editor Bruce Berman.
The seven-year-old was an excellent flagbearer for John Gosden last term, with a closeup third in the Prince of Wales's Stakes among the highlights.
Select to see closeup detail of cross-hatching and O
Alex, from Corpach, Inverness-shire, said: "The pictures range from shots of a climber standing beside a noticeboard in Glen Nevis to someone bouldering in the French Alps, as well as a closeup of the Palace of Versailles.
Photos of trees in their natural habitats are accompanied by closeup pictures of their leaves, aimed at making identification easier for casual observers.
The calendar format includes a closeup photo each day, with spiral binding for lasting year-long durability.
After finishing a closeup fourth in a decent event last time, the handicapper has been unusually generous in dropping him a couple of pounds, which means he must hold excellent prospects of his last winning mark.
CLOSEUP SHOOTING: A GUIDE TO CLOSEUP, TABLETOP, AND MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY comes from a photographer and designer who introduces readers to the world of small objects and the special challenges involved in taking photos of this world.
Closeup shooting; a guide to closeup, tabletop, and macro photography.
Signal, Pepsodent and CloseUp continue to enjoy some useful "cornerstone" positions in certain countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East & Asia, not least in India and China.
And when it's ready for its closeup in two years, the southeast corner of the famous intersection will feature 143 high-end condos, 297 market-rate and 78 affordable apartments, a 300-room W Hotel and 55,000 square feet of upscale shops on a five-acre site.
This book gives a closeup view of obesity's effects on children's lives by recounting children's and adolescents' daily struggles with body image, school snacks, the pull to inactivity, and families' efforts to change lifestyle and behavior.
In Closeup Gallery (2003)--filmed in Los Angeles, it was completed after Martin's move to London in 2002--the human figure is no longer static like a model or a specimen but rather the active manipulator of things.
In Digital Nature Photography Closeup, Jon Cox (author of Digital Nature Photography) performs the similar task of introducing the reader to the advantages and incredible opportunities provided by digital photography.
My initial inspiration may be from a Persian miniature floral border or a closeup photograph of a leaf; these become very different things when seen from above, in three dimensions, with texture and in an unexpected size," Weissman said.