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Synonyms for closemouthed

inclined to secrecy or reticence about divulging information

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Analysts, however, were less than pleased, assailing Jakks' closemouthed policy on discussing specifics of growth.
But while Tamahori shows violent scenes in brutal detail, he remains closemouthed regarding the how and why.
Disney has been characteristically closemouthed about the new plans, other than to acknowledge they exist.
And while key personnel tend to be closemouthed about specifics, they're not shy about their interest in e-business.
Wherever came the idea that the British are closemouthed and reserved?
Though RIMS is closemouthed on the technical underpinnings, the standard will likely be based on XML.
No less an authority than the cautious and closemouthed Alan Greenspan declared in the early summer of 1998 that the U.
Pinnacle has been very closemouthed about its technology, developed by George Liszicasz, the company's chairman.
Processors are closemouthed as to what plans, if any, they have for irradiation.
Here's a guess as to how we ended up at this sorry - the book isn't very good - pass: (1) Johnston wanted to do a biography of her friend the great artist; (2) Johns, who's notoriously closemouthed about his personal life, declined to cooperate; (3) pissed, Johnston decided she'd write a book anyway - a book that'd really nail his ass; (4) the trouble was, she was afraid to nail his ass too hard lest she undercut the perception of Johns' greatness that would allow her to sell her project to a publisher in the first place; (5) aha
Most of the countries and dealers facilitating the Rwanda slaughter are similarly closemouthed.
Did you have any trick questions up your sleeve to get a closemouthed guest talking?