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49 percent as the figure in business closedowns dropped by 42.
The basic model requires the company and the community to communicate and cooperate from the time when the company first considers a closedown until the community has found alternative uses for the abandoned resources.
In such cases, the closedown plans become evident well in advance.
Performance was at an all-time high in 1988; this is known as a Closedown Effect.
One local trade unionist had experience with an earlier closedown in a company town and he played an important role in speaking out for the restructuring strategy.
A socially responsible corporate approach to close-downs involves: identifying the countdown period, establishing close communication with the stakeholders with regard to the closedown, and trying to cooperatively develop activities that will minimize the harm done by the closedown.
Before the company announced the closedown decision, the trade union became aware of the situation and appealed to the management's sense of social responsibility to work out a restructuring program.
But if there is a positive cash flow, then management will be more willing to extend the closedown period.
Management usually has some kind of feeling that a closedown is a possibility.
Management agreed to try to prolong the closedown process in order to attempt to find innovate actions to create growth.
This was unfortunate because the company's top management had announced that it was willing to take as much responsible action as possible during the closedown and the unions were aware of the existence of the restructuring model.
This case involved the closedown of a plant which had just been taken over by a new owner in a hostile takeover.
A strong argument in favor of prolongation according to Figure 3 is the existence of a Closedown Effect.