closed-circuit television

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a television system that is not used for broadcasting but is connected by cables to designated monitors (as in a factory or theater)

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Among these will be the use of closed-circuit television surveillance in the Square.
Not only was the crowd large and the closed-circuit television revenue hefty, there was a brawl in the ring after Zarate stopped Zamora in the fourth round.
In the late 1960s, Autocue developed a closed-circuit television system that consisted of a camera focused onto a paper script.
The Santa Clarita Senior Center mimics that goal and offers residents books on tape, computers equipped with speaking devices, a reading machine and a closed-circuit television.
Photographic identification, key pads, card swipes, and bio-metric entry controls are used in the most secure areas of the facility, where highly-sensitive client information is kept locked and under closed-circuit television monitoring 24 hours a day.
Customers can watch the nestlings, at left, via closed-circuit television.
Country recording artist Anthony Michael James's video, "Sweet Sarah," will be featured on the "In-House" closed-circuit television programming in 15 major-market malls operated by The Mills, Inc.
The relocation of the fairgrounds is expected to be done in phases, beginning with construction of a new Watch and Wager building, in which horse racing enthusiasts can watch and bet on horse races shown on closed-circuit television.
With many years of proven security experience, Eagle Broadband can provide a full range of design, installation, monitoring and support services including video surveillance, remote monitoring, closed-circuit television, intrusion detection and other security services for government, commercial and residential customers nationwide.
Another estimated 1,000 watched the game on closed-circuit television inside the Sports Arena.
Sanctuary Cove, a Mulpha Australia Limited project, will be one of the first Australian developments of its kind to provide FTTP-based services and will use the Last Mile Link to offer: digital video including local over-the-air, cable and satellite television channels, video-on-demand services, wi-fi hotspots, the highest-speed Internet service in the country, multiple telephone lines per residence, a community intercom and security system featuring closed-circuit television and gate access control, and home automation services.
17 session will be broadcast via closed-circuit television to a grand jury room to allow jurors to question the president.
The Intelli-Site(R) installation, including Door Control and Closed-Circuit Television interfaces, represents the first Intelli-Site installation in Europe.
But with high-tech help, she's still on the job, using a closed-circuit television that magnifies words 45 times so she can read them.
Products and services include site analysis and planning, employee scheduling, time-and-attendance, closed-circuit television monitoring, electronic and biometric access-control, visitor management, remote monitoring, and software and hardware integration.