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broadcast with captions that are seen only on receivers having special equipment

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"The designation allows any one of those millions of people to see, 0K, this one is closed-captioned, and this one isn't."
Telecom minister Toranosuke Katayama has said that the ministry may require broadcasters to increase closed-captioned programs if its request is not met promptly.
It supports asset check in, check out, workflow management, an collaborative editing when used in con junction with Excalibur's Screening Room Video analysis, indexing, and retrieval are powered by Excalibur's RetrievalWare which enables additional searching or closed-captioned text and other metadata.
At first, parents attended a few lessons with their children to learn about the closed-captioned features and videos.
3 DVDs, 12 hours, widescreen, closed-captioned. Also highly recommended from PBS is the documentary "Unforgettable: The Korean War" (9781608832897, $24.99, 56 min., widescreen).
Malcolm Norwood) as "the father of closed-captioned television." In recognition, Barnathan was awarded an honorary Master of Science degree by Gallaudet University, a Washington, D.C., college for the deaf.
Clearvue, 1998, VHS video, 18 min., color, closed-captioned, upper elementary/junior high, $65.00.
United Learning, 1998, VHS video, 27 min., color, closed-captioned, upper elementary/junior high, $99.00.
National Geographic, 1997, VHS video, 19-minutes, color, closed-captioned, junior high/high school, $19.95.
"I Could Do That!" is also available from Weston Woods as a closed-captioned video (NMPV692VCC, $60.00), a hardcover/CD combination (NHCD692, $29.95), and as a hardcover/cassette combination (NHRA692, $24.95).
Schlessinger Media, 1998, VHS video, 23-minutes, color, closed-captioned, upper elementary/junior high, $29.95.
These half-hour programs are produced in full color and the DVD format comes with a closed-captioned feature and allows for both English and Spanish language tracks, chapter select ability, as well as discussion questions and activities.
Like all 70 of Disney's Bill Nye the Science Guy videos, these new cassettes are closed-captioned and licensed for all school-related activities.