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a company that hires only union members

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Similarly, in the popular Hamra district, foot traffic has also slowed down, as some of the popular retailers and bars have closed shop.
LETTER FROM THE PAST Closed shops eroding our freedom WE now have the closed shop.
Adhunik Industries is seeking at buying beleaguered steel making units, scatted across the eastern region, many of which have closed shop in recent times and many banks that had lend money to these firms have approached Adhunik as well as other financially sound steel makers with takeover proposals
He will tell leading thinktank the Institute for Public Policy Research on Tuesday: "The Civil Service is like a closed shop, with fewer women, fewer ethnic minorities and fewer kids with working-class parents.
The civil service is like a closed shop with fewer women, fewer ethnic minorities and fewer kids with working-class parents.
Cllr Glyn Nightingale was a cabinet member under the Coalition on Redcar & Cleveland Council from 2003 to 2007 when the cabinet was a closed shop, i.
Only six points separates third and seventh - so anyone who thinks the title race is a closed shop needs to wake up and smell the coffee," he said.
COUNCILS have been urged to ban full-time union officials funded by taxpayers - condemned by one Cabinet minister as the last closed shop.
Spartans have always said they would rather earn the right than buy it - yet they can't because it's a closed shop.
Worker militancy and aggressive organizing, in the end, could not deliver the closed shop at West Coast Shipbuilders before war contracts concluded and shipbuilding contracted in the province.
Once considered to be a closed shop, the England team selected for coach Andy Flower's first official match in charge - against West Indies at Lord's starting next Wednesday - has welcomed those who have traded in county cricket's runs and wickets.
In his letter, Mike Bell states that Mick Easterby's comments to Nick Luck were evidence of racing's closed shop.
For more than a year now, government has been trying to liberalise the transport industry, which had been a closed shop regulated by licences issued by the state, but has faced strong objections from the truck drivers.
I'm not a lover of reality shows and of the way entrants are ridiculed, but I'm also not in favour of a closed shop on talent.