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a primary in which only registered members of a particular political party can vote

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Presidential elections will continue under the traditional closed primary in a party-nominating process.
drug enforcement efforts closed primary trafficking routes from South America through the Caribbean and into the US and Canada.
Second is the system that in Britain has largely replaced the party caucus: the membership or closed primary election.
The theory is that most Californians are politically moderate, but the current closed primary system tends to favor hard-line candidates from both parties.
Pennsylvania's is a closed primary, which means voters must register by party.
Even though pundits and Democratic candidates are touting a McCain nomination, the Arizona senator still has a large hurdle to jump to prove himself - the closed primary.
In a closed primary, party members vote, while an open primary lets everyone vote - but only in one party's poll.
registered with the party in a closed primary, with registered voters
Nader upholds a state-mandated closed primary based, in part, on the paradoxical finding that the protection of party autonomy justifies regulating party activity.
Act I of the 1975 Louisiana state legislature (now Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 18, Section 401) changed the state's primary system for state political officers from a traditional closed primary to a wholly unique creature in American state politics.
All four states use closed primary systems, meaning a person must register with a specific party before the election to be eligible to vote.
Only registered party members can vote in a closed primary.
At one end of the spectrum is the closed primary, which permits only registered party members to vote.
Or will they get confused by our state Legislature's sly countermeasure to stop this reform and keep the closed primary, Prop.