closed curve

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a curve (such as a circle) having no endpoints

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However every figure must have at least one borderline closed curve, and every figure must be a joint piece, yet can't separate it into at least two unconnected parts.
alpha]] is a simple, smooth closed curve, symmetric with respect to the real axis, starlike with respect to z = 0, which passes through [z.
Suppose that the template is a closed curve and always non-self intersecting.
infinity]] is the closed curve (called the Szego curve) in the unit disk which is given by
In the drum's case, the solutions specify the vertical displacement of each point on a surface bounded by a closed curve, such as a circle or rectangle.
John showed that a finite-length closed curve in the plane can be made convex in a continuous manner, and without bringing any two points of the curve closer together.
To a topologist, a knot in a formal sense is any simple closed curve embedded in a three-dimenstional space.
Scope of work of the project in the short term improve road safety along the Northern Highway Crete with direct measures of implementation - Restoring damage tarmac traffic and improve the skid resistance,- Restoration and completion of vertical signs (informational and regulatory signs that are damaged or missing)- Replacement plates speeding in BOAK,- Restoration and completion guardrails,- Renovation of pavement markings,- Placement oriodeikton and pavement reflectors (cat eyes) orizontiografikes closed curves,- Completion chiliometrodeikton (per km and 0,5 km),- Landscaping interventions to improve local visibility,- Cleaning and filling ditches stormwater runoff,- Deadlift local activation slope,- Replacement of the fillet joints of bridges damaged.
Patterns now support punches, and can be accurately applied to closed curves and surfaces.
Recent application of knot theory in fields such as polymer chemistry have made it more important to consider knots of a certain thickness rather than the usual volumeless simple closed curves.