closed corporation

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The ministry suggested setting a date for the Initial public offering (IPO) to convert the corporation, from a participating closed corporation to a participating open corporation, by the end of the year 2014.
Those are transactions of transformation of a public corporation into a closed corporation or into a partnership when all shares are bought by a small group of investors.
But what we have are white lawyers in this country facilitating the transfer of land from one closed corporation to another without seeking clearance from the state.
The contractual device solution could work really well in the closed corporation environment because there is a small number of shareholders in the negotiation process (80).
In the grander scheme of things, the choice of a closed corporation model, rather than a system of community-based clubs that allowed for possible promotion and demotion within a hierarchical divisional structure--like that of soccer in Britain--reflected "the promotion of a sport brand based on skill level" and a hockey system in which the league struggled to maintain internal order and subordinate rival organizations.
Founded in South Africa in 1989, it operated as a small closed corporation with only two directors and a dwindling bank account until it landed a two-year contract to provide military services to the Angolan government; a contract that would earn the company over $80 million (U.
This phenomenon occurred, after all, in nations with very different "public domains": states with common law and those with civil law, states where most lawyers were civil servants and those where most were in private practice, and states where the bar was a closed corporation and those with no restrictions on pleading in court.