closed circuit

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a complete electrical circuit around which current flows or a signal circulates

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The particularity of the Kender solar panel system and technology is to allow, via a closed circuit of gas (usually helium), to create a heat exchange with the sun and the air from the environment.
Conference room seating for 50, with closed circuit television for live viewing of testing
He and Charles Evans used closed circuit apparatus when they made the first summit attempt,but had to turn back after problems with it.
Vaughn, a pioneer design engineer and manufacturer of closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras systems, recently retired.
To be held at venues across the country, Rocket Racing will feature multiple rocket races, from closed circuit to drag-style racing, pitting 2 to 10 Rocket Racer aircraft roaring head to head for victory.
Tenders are invited for Closed circuit TV inspection of 142,000 LF of sanitary sewer, Closed circuit TV inspection of 21,810 LF of storm sewer and closed circuit TV inspection of 3,480 LF of catch basin lead.
The surprise with Closed Circuit is that so many made the mistake of signing up for such a lifeless thriller.
MOJAVE - Adventurer Steve Fossett is planning one more record-setting flight in the Mojave-built GlobalFlyer, this time to wrestle away from the Mojave-built Voyager the record for the longest flight over a closed circuit without landing.
The eclipse of closed circuit by projection thus performs an inversion whereby video is transformed from an apparatus within a space to a new electronic skin that engulfs architectural elements.
HOME MINISTER minister Bob Ainsworth will officially open Flintshire County Council's closed circuit television monitoring suite on Friday, November 22.
Offers water- and oil-circulating temperature-control equipment in single- and multiple-zone construction, direct injection or closed circuit, compact and upright styles.
For example, popular systems include the latest-model audio intercoms, video intercoms and closed circuit TV systems, which can monitor buildings far more effectively than the traditional bell-and-buzzer systems of years ago.
Nearly three years ago, MSDWT expanded its television video production and broadcast system capabilities to include a media center and closed circuit television in each of its 15 school buildings.
Contract awarded for suction probe acquisition closed circuit with control valve phlegm no.
The project calls for installing remote cameras, closed circuit television monitors, motion sensors and digital video recorders at nine locations.