closed chain

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(chemistry) a chain of atoms in a molecule that forms a closed loop

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Typically, compound movements are closed chain, which essentially means the hands or feet are in contact with either the ground or with a machine.
Closed chain exercises more closely mimic the demands of running.
Closed chain maneuvers can be used to compensate for inadequacies at a weak link in the chain.
Since the model contained a closed chain (both feet were attached to the ground, creating a closed chain bounded by the legs, ground, and pelvis), only 9 of the 15 DOFs were independent--6 in the legs and 3 at the ball joint between the trunk and the pelvis.
There is little research concerning the timing of activation of VMO and VL during the combination of closed chain activity and an unstable surface.
Closed chain length varies between 525 and 1900 mm and can hold between 40 and 90 small mold blocks.