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held together as by social or cultural ties


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I believe that if some of that close-knit comunity contacted the police and gave all the information they have with regard to drug dealers in their community, it would be a much better place to live in and bring up their children and grandchildren.
This is a very close-knit community and the tragedy has affected everybody.
Yeah we were a family of footballers, close-knit and always looking out for one another.
As Professor of English Joan Beal explains, the difference is due to the way close-knit communities have developed over the years.
A doctor who has been supporting the relatives of Britons killed in the Bah-rain boat tragedy yesterday told of the close-knit expatriate community's "strength" in dealing with its loss.
As a result, managers develop a focused, close-knit team, and, in turn, the company realizes significant productivity gains.
The curious thing about Miki Carmi's recent portraits of his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa is their apparent redundancy: each looks more or less the same as the next, confirming that they are members of one close-knit or even inbred family.
The land deals raised a furor in the Holy Land's close-knit Greek Orthodox community, whose mostly Palestinian parishioners have long resented the sale of church property to Israelis.
It's my belief--perhaps idealistic and naive--that when you grow up in a close-knit community .
The plastics field then was so small and close-knit that a magazine could be written equally for materials and equipment suppliers and processors.
Grousing is a healthy outlet; in fact, with a close-knit group, it even may provide the courage for individuals or the group to file complaints against the boss.
The Landings at HarborSide will be a model of new urbanism, combining the openness of the suburbs with the feel of a close-knit community and all the conveniences of city living," explained Sam Gershwin, president of Westminster Communities.
Together, these three are said to have established a close-knit informal discussion club with exchanges significantly more straightforward than those taking place during official meetings.