close to the wind

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nearly opposite to the direction from which wind is coming

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Should He return to planet earth tomorrow, make no mistake, Our Lord would find myself, Rob Davies and the Archbishop sailing pretty close to the wind.
Capable of immense charm and an engineer with visionary and revolutionary ideas, many still common today, Chapmen also had an air of unscrupulousness, of sailing close to the wind.
Kevin and Molly sail close to the wind when they get cosy in his bed and Sally comes home.
Sainsbury's revising its label suggests it sailed very close to the wind.
Most people who complete the challenge sail very close to the wind time wise and that's trying to forget about the tough walking.
In any promotion season, you do sail close to the wind sometimes, and that's what we're doing at the moment,' said Jackett.
In any business you will always find people sailing very close to the wind, but there have also been too many people wrongly accused," says Roe.
However, they have a reputation for sailing close to the wind with their physical
And the presenter sailed close to the wind with a crude gag on playing football on pitches covered with landmines.
Both claimed freedom for their people, both sailed close to the wind in public statements about government actions, were interrogated frequently by security forces and had their passports cancelled.
Given that the government's finances can be affected by factors beyond their control, such as the property market and oil prices, the government is sailing pretty close to the wind.
Parry's barrister Gareth Roberts said the victim was perhaps someone "who sailed close to the wind.