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Synonyms for close to

(of quantities) imprecise but fairly close to correct

References in classic literature ?
Tarzan secured the rope to a stout limb and descended to a point close to Taug.
From some place of concealment near at hand Oolanga appeared, and came close to her.
One of Kovudoo's men leaned close to the ear of his chief.
Carthoris walked close to the left side of the latter.
The other thing was that if they did not pull it down for a few minutes it would have completed its circle and returned close to where I stood.
Tom's turn came last, and meanwhile he was all eyes, looking first with awe at the great man, who sat close to him, and was helped first, and who read a hard-looking book all the time he was eating; and when he got up and walked off to the fire, at the small boys round him, some of whom were reading, and the rest talking in whispers to one another, or stealing one another's bread, or shooting pellets, or digging their forks through the tablecloth.
He had the letter taken from his pocket and the table- on which stood a glass of lemonade and a spiral wax candle- moved close to the bed, and putting on his spectacles he began reading.