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close-in firing by one unit against an enemy engaged by another unit

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For the first three months I was working with 13 Air Assault Close Support Regiment working at Camp Bastion in Helmand province.
Doing it for fun: Members of the First Close Support Battalion Remes take on the Tough Guy course.
These same critics and others may point to developing Chinese, Indian, and Russian airpower, arguing that the Air Force must have specialized aircraft--without "a pound for air-to-ground"--not only for power projection but also for protection of the aircraft providing close support.
They are in a very small minority of universities who want to close support staff schemes.
Advanced NLOS-C technology such as an automated loading system and improved accuracy through a projectile tracking system, coupled with the power of the FCS network and sensors, provides the NLOS-C's two-man artillery crew with capability to quickly deliver highly accurate sustained fires for close support and destructive fires for standoff engagements.
The rating reflects the close support from the Chinese government and the significance of policy role played by the bank, a role that is unlikely to be undertaken by a commercial financial institution in an efficient manner, it said.
Knowing there is only one chance to make a good first impression, understanding the challenges associated with filling the extraordinary gaps of capabilities between students, faculty, and staff, having a goal to close support requests at the completion of the initial call, freeing up internal technical resources to address more significant issues, and doing so 24 hours a day helped drive the decision to outsource.
1) The basic training program consisted of short, intense, and rigorous missions to prepare the battalion for close support to infantry forces (conditions that the unit would face during combat operations).
They include medical and spiritual support personnel, civilians who served in close support of the military and those who aided the war effort on the home front.
The ACSW system, slated to serve as the common close support weapon system for the unit of action (U of A), entered the system development and demonstration (SDD) acquisition phase as part of the U of A in December 2003.
Are your central players providing close support when your wing players have the ball?
Current and future operating environments will require close support in all types of terrain and conditions--only artillery can provide this, 24/7.
With the battleship Missouri (BB 63), two heavy cruisers, seven destroyers and three rocketfiring close support ships, the fleet drew a massive pattern of aircraft and gunfire around the perimeter to permit the withdrawal to proceed without meaningful enemy interference.
Rather than giving a chronological or campaign account, Gooderson analyzes the systems, weapons, and techniques of tactical aviation as well as comparing the close support, armed reconnaissance, and artillery roles.
The Air Force found its second army 'Joint mission," close support, even more distasteful.