close out

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make impossible, especially beforehand


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Personnel from across the ship immediately assumed the SCOOP mentality and began prepping spaces for close out and inspection by the SCOOP Quality Assurance team.
The Purchased Ounces will be applied to close out contracts for the delivery by Cambior of an equal number of ounces under its current hedging portfolio.
The Committee urges that parties to outstanding ringgit transactions contact each other to facilitate speedy agreement on these and other points necessary to close out their ringgit positions.
65m) deal which saw it work on the mechanical completion and commissioning phases of the platform project, drawing on its experience in managing project startups and close outs.
Elhedery said although Qatar has taken a positive step by introducing a new fail trade mechanism that address the concerns of losing control over assets that results in cash close outs in the event of any error sales committed by brokers, concerns remain largely focused on foreign ownership levels.