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In contrast, Delaware allowed such agreements even before the close corporation provisions were enacted.
The paper will examine the use of the oppression action by minority shareholders in close corporations, minority shareholders in public corporations, contract creditors, (7) involuntary creditors, employees, and the corporation itself.
But it is equally persuasive to conclude that in the close corporation setting corporate law and contract law reach the same conclusion regarding what is the optimal and just result.
For instance, minority shareholders in close corporations are
Learning (or Not) from Close Corporation History, 40 WAKE FOREST L.
A great example off a new product development is DST-DEGREEZ/13 which was developed in close corporation with the Bodycote hardening plant in Venlo, the Netherlands.
The Statutory Close Corporation Supplement to the MBCA, a model law that governed close corporations, was discontinued by the Committee on Corporate Laws upon the publication of the fourth edition of the MBCA.
Statutory requirements to qualify as a close corporation vary from state to state.
Asked whether the close corporation between the AL and the Khartoum government on the issue of Darfur is tantamount to the League's support for Al-Bashir, Moussa insisted that the League cooperates with the entire political spectrum in Sudan.
Usually questions as to whether the death payments constitute compensation for the employee's services and, if so, whether the compensation is reasonable, will arise only in connection with payments for stockholder-employees of a close corporation.
The close corporation category includes a whole variety of enterprises like family-owned business, high-tech start-ups, small firms and mature publicly held corporations, post-leveraged buyouts (3).
The statutory close corporation possesses the prototypical corporate attribute of limited liability but reduces the formalities inherent in the traditional corporate statutes.
In contrast, in the intimate environment of the close corporation, independence means something very different than it does in the harsh spotlight of the public corporation.