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Taug, but a moment before filled with rage toward Tarzan of the Apes, stood close to the battling pair, his red-rimmed, wicked little eyes glaring at them.
The master mounted into the high desk by the door, and one of the prepostors of the week stood by him on the steps, the other three marching up and down the middle of the school with their canes, calling out, "Silence, silence!" The sixth form stood close by the door on the left, some thirty in number, mostly great big grown men, as Tom thought, surveying them from a distance with awe; the fifth form behind them, twice their number, and not quite so big.
Some of the sixth stop at the door to turn the whole string of boys into the close. It is a great match-day, and every boy in the school, will he, nill he, must be there.
Then the two sides close, and you can see nothing for minutes but a swaying crowd of boys, at one point violently agitated.
The ball has just fallen again where the two sides are thickest, and they close rapidly around it in a scrummage.
The lines are thickest close to him, but young Brooke and two or three of his men are shifting up farther, where the opposite line is weak.
There it flies, straight between the two posts, some five feet above the cross-bar, an unquestioned goal; and a shout of real, genuine joy rings out from the School-house players-up, and a faint echo of it comes over the close from the goal- keepers under the Doctor's wall.
At this moment Griffith, the itinerant vender of oranges from Hill Morton, enters the close with his heavy baskets.
On one occasion as they were dining upon the carcass of a boar that Sheeta had dispatched, Numa, the lion, grim and terrible, broke through the tangled grasses close beside them.
Through half open lids she saw the sunlight filtering through the leafy canopy above her--she wondered at the realism of her dream; full consciousness returned and with it the conviction that she was in truth being held close by strong arms against a bosom that throbbed to the beating of a real heart.
'Yes, you're right--I--I--keep it close--very close.'
High 165 Low 79 1/2 Stakis close price 165 week % change +6.11
If a nursing home were to close, it's a reasonable expectation that the neighborhood clinic would suffer financially, since it would have only the local citizens to serve.
Glenn Close delivers, Her Norma is way over the top, with hugely theatrical gestures, histrionic line readings, and the cunning of a she-wolf.
"Hap' Arnold had written an article for The Infantry Journal suggesting that aircraft could be used not just for close support of troops, but for ambitious offensive operations.