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They say the Devil always demands payment and sure enough the cloven hooves of Hot Horse Harry were heard clip- clopping behind us.
Thrill to the sound of clopping coconuts as you ride with Arthur and his trusty servant Patsy through 15 brilliantly rendered scenes chock-full of interactivity, rounding up Lancelot, Galahad and all the other knights of the Round Table whose names nobody can ever remember.
Joe junior takes over the invisi ble reins as servant Patsy - responsible for clopping the coco nut shells together in a show where horses are heard but not seen - from long-serving Todd Carty.
It mainly affects women over 40, after years of clopping around on stiletto heels, and more than half the sufferers require surgery.
Not the sea, although there is that too, but a heavy clopping sound coming up Lewis Terrace.
CLIP clopping along like a cuddly My Little Pony this will be played endlessly on the radio.
Rucksack-laden climbers with aching legs tend to treat the cafA customers, who they imagine have lazily caught the train up and are clopping around in stilettos sipping a cappuccino, with disdain.
So, the carters had to maintain the links from the waterfront, clip clopping through the dawn fog with vital supplies for the home front.
Patsy does all my clopping, I'm certainly not going to clop myself.
Who hasn't got a photo in a drawer somewhere of their four-year-old clip clopping around in her mum's high heels, face resplendent in Clinique lipstick and with the contents of her jewellery box around her neck?
My mum waiting to take me home could hear me clip clopping down the stone steps.