clog dancing

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a dance performed while wearing shoes with wooden soles

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Clog dancing was inspired by the sound of the cotton mill machines, with the men dancing to keep warm.
Having grown up clog dancing and won several medals over the years, he decided to add a modern and energetic twist to tradition.
The hip-hop dancers have learnt how to dance to our music and they've also been surprised as to how hard clog dancing is because of all the jumping off from the floor.
The girls were fascinated by how many of the moves in street dancing and clog dancing are actually very similar, even though they are seemingly very different styles.
Clog dancing groups from all over Wales have been hard at work learning the routine for many weeks, with some groups set up specifically to take part in this one-off event.
The Unthanks, who again brought their full ten-piece band to the stage, completely turned their backs on their own work to add the likes of You Are My Sister and Spiralling by Hegarty and Stay Tuned, Lisp Service and Free Will And Testament from Wyatt's repertoire, complete with trumpet and clog dancing.
The crowd clapped the groups as they took turns performing routines, including traditional clog dancing, in the winter sun.
Eventually, he returned to find that the entire shower curtain had collapsed, and Pat confessed that she had been secretly practising her clog dancing in the bathroom.
Clog dancing was "made easy" in publications by 1873, and at any time of the day or night someone on this planet is donning a long-beloved white polyester suit and shooting a right forefinger into the air.
Even obscure Guatemalan clog dancing troupes get bigger audiences.
The folk dances of Irish, Scottish, English and Dutch-German settlers in the 1700s merged into an impromptu foot-tapping style, which was the beginning of clog dancing as it is known today, according to the Double Toe Times Clogging Magazine.
Clog dancing in its eraliest form was done on wooden porches with wooden shoes to create a stomping rhythm.
From clog dancing sessions narrated by a man who'd go onto direct Coronation Street to an Oscar-winning 1934 short about a nesting colony of gannets on the island of Grassholm, the scenes from yesteryear date all the way back to 1898.
Isobel and Cate clog dancing and singing at Marsden's Write Out Loud poetry jam
The town centre's oldest building, the medieval Chantry Bagpipe Museum, hosts a new audiovisual presentation exploring the experiences of local people in the First World War, through traditions such as rapper and clog dancing, and folk song.