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Synonyms for clodhopper

a clumsy, unsophisticated person

Synonyms for clodhopper

a thick and heavy shoe

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The form from that sixfurlong seller looks tight as the fourth home, Clodhopper, soon won two on the spin.
That's why even the most leaden-footed clodhopper in football is called an ace, represent your country in a sport you're paid handsomely to play and you're potentially a hero, and continue playing your sport into the hinterland known as 'your 30s', you're classed as a veteran.
But the WranglerAua stumpy, clumsy, body-on-frame clodhopper, as hopelessly out of date as it is unbeatable off roadAuis the heart and soul of the brand.
I am no all-thumbs-and-no-fingers, all-knees-and-elbows, all-left-feet, antigoddling, bumfuzzled, discombobulated, flusterated, or foozled bumpkin, clodhopper, counlry jake, hayseed, hick.
The sentiment survives bur with splendid eloquence rather than clodhopper prose in what another leaf shows was an added statement that "Nathan was utterly, fatally glamorous" (187; ms leaf 363).
The nineteenth was the first century of human sympathy,--the age when half wonderingly we began to descry in others that transfigured spark of divinity which we call Myself; when clodhopper and peasant, tramps and thieves, and millionaires and--sometimes--Negroes, became throbbing souls whose warm pulsing life touches us so nearly that we half gasped with surprise, crying, "Thou too
Compared to Whiting's athletic Romeo, DiCaprio's character is a true clodhopper.
Jeanne herself was also generally perceived to be altogether too slight, seeming far too small perched atop this clodhopper.
He supposedly said, Don't you ever call me Hank, you dumb clodhopper, call me Mister Iba.
Don't plan on stalking up to hand-shaking distance of a big mulie buck in clodhopper hiking boots.
The antipathy in our culture between the urban and nonurban is so durable it has its own vocabulary: (A) city slicker, tenderfoot; (B) hick, redneck, hayseed, bumpkin, robe, yokel, clodhopper, hoecake, hillbilly, Dogpatch, Daisy Mae, farmer's daughter, from the provinces, out of Deliverance.
The sort of musical being lampooned here is the big old-fashioned clodhopper like Oliver
Negative views of rural people are evident in a rich vocabulary of put-downs: tube, yokel, hayseed, bumpkin, clodhopper, hick, peasant, rustic, heathen, pagan, savage, and even 'farmer,'" notes Mr.
It appears to have attracted only four or so names, including clodhopper from Sussex, if you leave out the versions of lark and laverock.
354) in Scrope's eyes, but to the narrator 'this young Roman clodhopper, as he lies snoring there, is really statuesque' (p.