clockwork universe

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the view that the universe resembles a clock built by God and ticking along according to Newtonian mechanics

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Where machine-age thinkers envisioned a clockwork universe of separable, streamlined parts, now integral thinkers are pointing out that we actually live in a 'web world', One Planet in which all things are inseparably linked.
In fact, something like quantum indeterminacy may be just the device for a God to tweak the outcome of cosmic evolution without crass intervention; something not possible in a Newtonian clockwork universe.
It was in the 17th century that the great god of science, Descartes, believed that the whole world was one perfect machine and practised vivisection, believing that the agonised cries of the animals could be compared with the creakings of this 'clockwork universe'.
He wants to replace the old metaphors of a clockwork universe and machine-age government with something more up-to-date.
And we've moved beyond Newton's clockwork universe to one governed by relativity, probability, and chaos - disquieting, perhaps, but a huge intellectual leap.
And yet, when I'm in the clockwork universe of a farce, I feel set free--especially when the farce takes bad acting as its subject.
The clockwork universe of the older, secular worldview is ascribed to Newtonian theory by Redfield.
All that clockwork universe stuff of Newton and Maxwell is hopelessly simplistic; Darwin's gradual evolutionary progression must at least be radically reappraised and Freud's `mechanical view of the psyche' is ridiculously crude.
in the general way prescribed by our clockwork universe.
Assume prediction is possible (clockwork universe); gather data and relationships and see what you learn (inductive thinking); identify central tendencies (law of large numbers); rely on logic, math, and science (science as a predictive discipline); identify areas to be evaluated for change impacts (future-oriented mind-set); identify key trends and forces (change drivers); and pursue central tendency causal impacts as far as possible while assuming other things unchanged (disciplined web of implications).
Ever since the quantum revolution began a century ago, the image of the clockwork universe where everything could be predicted if everything were known has been breaking down.
We can no longer blame a clockwork universe for our fate.
This philosophy was known as the belief in a clockwork universe. As the century drew to a close and physical measurements became more accurate, more inconsistencies began cropping up between various fundamental formulas.