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rotation to the right

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A comparison of intra-arch distalizers and bone anchorage has demonstrated unwanted side effects in terms of anchorage loosening, increased overjet, molar anchorage loss during retraction, and mandibular clockwise rotation with the use of a pendulum (11).
It can be concluded that the front longitudinal wall exhibits counterclockwise rotation, the back longitudinal wall exhibits clockwise rotation, the front transverse wall exhibits clockwise rotation, and the back transverse wall exhibits counterclockwise rotation.
(b) ECG suggested mild right ventricular overload and clockwise rotation. (c) Short axis view of the TTE showed flattening of the interventricular septum.
[16], facial esthetics can be achieved by changes in OP by counterclockwise or clockwise rotation of the MMC but emphasized that it is not a central point to quantify angular measurements of OP in the pre or post operatives, being more valid esthetic optimization by simply obtaining the most harmonic relations between skeletal structures and disposition of soft facial tissues.
Before reaching the peak strength, the particles undergoing clockwise rotation and counterclockwise rotation were distributed uniformly throughout the entire specimen.
Similarly, a clockwise rotation is suggested if RS waves appear in the [V.sub.5] and [V.sub.6] leads.
At the time of the embryological growth, the normal 270[degrees] anticlockwise rotation is substituted by abnormal 270[degrees] clockwise rotation of the evolving thoracoabdominal organs, which ends in mirror image positioning of the abdominal and thoracic viscera, from the regular (situs solitus) to the abnormal position.
Tests were conducted with the clockwise rotation of wall at every 10[degrees] rotation with horizontal axis of rotor.
Positive yaw angle is defined to be a clockwise rotation about the positive ZD axis.
When another pocket of air rises, its starts a clockwise rotation. Through the associated humidity, traces of these two opposing circulations can be seen, or inferred on satellite images as slowly rotating clear areas, and more rapidly turning cloudy streaks and streamlines.
However, the heart was in a clockwise rotation after the pulmonary artery anastomosis was done.
If there is more than one EGOSC satisfying (8), the first EGOSC encountered during the clockwise rotation is referred to as the final representation.
According to three-dimensional coordinates in Figure 2, substitute any subcube's position coordinate before rotation and position coordinate after rotation into (4), and the state transition matrix of clockwise rotation around x-axis can be figured up by
As viewed from the apex, counterclockwise rotation was expressed as a positive value, whereas a clockwise rotation was denoted as a negative value [7].