clockwise rotation

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rotation to the right

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0] , V6-R/ S>1, clockwise rotation, intrinsicoid deflection and ST-T changes showed uniform distribution.
It was observed that 15[degrees] clockwise rotation of wind source for this particular rotor was most effective.
Similar, positive pitch and roll angles are defined as clockwise rotations.
4) However, these generate extrusive forces on the second molars in both jaws and might induce an undesirable decrease in overbite, clockwise rotation of the mandible, and premature contact.
In northern hemisphere as our case be it is clockwise rotation, whilst in the South it is anti-clockwise.
Less than 90 degree counter- clockwise rotation of the conotruncus would lead to a gradual left and anterior positioning of the pulmonary artery, and a right and posterior shift of the aorta.
The new gearheads are suitable for clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, and for alternating, continuous, and cyclic operation.
4) Mechanisms for these electrocardiographic changes are likely multifactorial, owing to the heart's clockwise rotation on its longitudinal axis, insulating effect and posterior displacement of the heart from the retrosternal air mass, and right ventricular dilatation from the sudden increase in pulmonary resistance.
For generic advertising that leads to a clockwise rotation of demand, [p.
The WTP for this consumer rises with a clockwise rotation in demand.
In a reference frame with clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the left of the motion of the object.
Number Device type 1 Collimator, directed eastward 2 Collimator, directed westward 3 Flat detector without collimator, directed "upwards" 4 Flat detector without collimator, directed "sidewards" 5 Collimator, directed towards the Polar Star 6 Polar Star directed collimator-free flat detector 7 Sun directed collimator, clockwise rotation 8 Collimator-free flat detector, directed "upwards" 9 Horizontal collimator, directed northward Number Coordinates 1 Puschino, lat.
NATE MARTINEZ NYT SYNDICATE IT doesn't take long to realise the 2013 Scion FR-S is special--just an aggressive 4-second wide-open throttle jab, a short three-two downshift, and a clockwise rotation of the FR-S' small 14.
The whirlpool appearance represents the swirling pattern of the gut and the superior mesenteric vein as they wrap around the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) in a clockwise rotation (Figure 9).
The normal development requires a 270 degree counter clockwise rotation that yields the normal anatomy.