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the face of a clock showing hours and minutes of the day


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This figure of the clock dial (the plane of reference) was the subject of an international ISO conference and then was adopted by the AFNOR (Association Francaise de Normalisation).
Ethel was born in Liverpool in 1904 and worked as a clock dial enameller on Merseyside before moving to the Midlands with her husband, who died 40 years ago.
A ringing bell called children to class, a clock in each classroom organized their lessons, and reading the clock dial was taught early-on.
These wonders surround us like numerals on a clock dial.
Other features include shaft-mounted direct drives that eliminate the need for belts, wheels and chains; a dual wheel package featuring 50-hp bi-directional wheel units; a clock dial control for accurate blast pattern adjustment; a manganese steel mill with a shaft-mounted gear motor in mill drive; abrasive reclaim system with hopper and lower reclaim system and replaceable abrasive-resistant screen; an abrasive separator with compensating flow design; and totally enclosed, pneumati cally operated abrasive control valves for noise reduction.
And you needn't worry when it's time to change the batteries, these super clocks run on watch batteries and the elegant roman clock dial is easily removable.
* Each clock dial has a diameter of 25ft * Each minute hand is 14ft long * Each dial has a 3.5 ton iron framework carrying 660lbs of opal glass which can withstand wind pressure of up to 11 tons per square inch.
About 20 seconds elapsed before the face on the golden translucent clock dial slowly vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.
Three other features of this model are also worthy of note: first, the sun in his splendour surmounted by a royal crown, which forms the cresting; second, the charming lace headdresses of the sphinxes, of the type favoured by ladies at court and known as commodes; and, third, the use of arabic numerals, rather than roman ones, on the clock dial, which seems exceptional for this date.
In addition customers of the leading watch retailer were able to view a watch commemorating Breitling's clock dial for the revolutionary new Bentley GT Coupe.
He said he made a "mind map" of his actions and what he saw following the incident using diagrams and "clock dial notes" to remind him of what had happened and in what sequence events took place.
In 1794 he joined a Mr Keeling, a clock dial enameller and decorator of Birmingham with whom he served his apprenticeship.
Ingraham's Glow-Dial alarm clocks, introduced earlier this year, also use electro-luminescence, a feature which allows uniform lighting of a clock dial similar to the Timex Indiglo watches.
For decades this massive three-foot diameter clock dial and another like it hung over the platforms..