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Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

informal terms for personal possessions

strike violently and repeatedly


beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

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With their every effort to enforce the law under the opportunistic gaze of race-obsessed radicals, and the federal government threatening to "clobber them over the head" it isn't a mystery why so many police officers are either acting as "tourists in blue" or investigating another line of work.
The six-month-old died in August last year after she was reportedly clobbered on the head by police in her parents' house in Nyalenda Slum, Kisumu.
Thomas says: "We had Serge from Kasabian DJING, so we had him dressed up in 90s clobber, and he was an extra."
But Labour MSP Margaret Curran said: "Once again, the Tories are planning to clobber families with hikes in family taxes.
It is a nonsense that people who enjoy a perfectly harmless bit of fun at the bingo hall accompanied by their family and friends should be clobbered in this way.
The news comes a week after we revealed Footballers' Wives actress Alison Newman was spied checking out the clobber in TK Maxx in Kingston Park.
It looks space-age but feels Louis XVI, as the elite clobber their crowns on the vast modular overhead compartment and the clunky tray table folds away with the swiftness of a guillotine ...
In this six-part series, Dawn will each week challenge a woman to exchange her love of the high street for secondhand clobber. Along the way, she'll give us lots of tips on how to buy vintage.
Revellers are urged to dress in cowboy clobber and dance the night away at Stirchley Parish Church on Friday, October 29, at 7.30pm.
That would clobber 40 per cent ABV Scotch but protect locally made soju, a spirit made from rice which is half the strength.
Conclusion - assume that British Gas knew there would be a whopping price rise and were content to estimate low meter readings and then clobber us with the correct ones when they could get the most profit.
And so was some of the clobber. The St Mirren lads had an excuse as they were in fancy dress but no such thing can be said for Aberdeen keeper David Preece, who looked like something straight out of Saturday Night Fever.
The Government may 'clobber' companies again to finance its massive spending spree, one of the country's leading economists told business leaders in Birmingham yesterday.
The upshot of which is that he has to be worth a small-stakes sell at 32 on Sporting's Clobber the Dobber, a special based on the number of runs he concedes.
I often still see attractive men who smile very invitingly in that way I've acted on ninety times in the past, but I have a lover now and, while I don't think he'd clobber me, I know that my not remaining monogamous would hurt him.