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Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

Synonyms for clobber

informal terms for personal possessions

strike violently and repeatedly


beat thoroughly and conclusively in a competition or fight

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These "behind the scenes" improvements in industry metrics add weight to the CLECs' continuing success in driving annual revenue growth, market share and access line acquisition - provided new developments such as VoIP don't come from behind to clobber CLECs and incumbents alike, in the months ahead.
Helena was modelling British designer Alexander McQueen's trademark bad- boy - or girl - clobber at New York Fashion Week.
Then head for the soon-to-be wed singer's home town of Kentwood, Louisiana, where charity shops will soon be flooded with her clobber.
The Magilla Gorilla of software has $43 billion in cash, a conservative management team, monopolistic pricing power, has not moved with the recent rally in stocks in general, and will clobber LINUX in the market place.
An insider at the fashion label says the 10-strong collective helped themselves to more than pounds 5,000 worth of free clobber.
We caught her rushing around Knightsbridge yesterday on the hunt for new clobber.
IT ain't half hot, Ma'am, wearing all this heavy clobber on a sweltering day in London.
It changes typical action thinking - rather than sitting around waiting for you to clobber them, the bad guys aggressively come after you.
Kate was spotted in the bizarre outfit as she headed to the shops in Central London to add yet more clobber to her extensive wardrobe.
Not content with losing her marbles (apparently they went down the back of the sofa), our lady Mariah appears to have lost her clobber too.
Taking clothes coordination to hitherto never scaled heights, Jane Seymour shows off her gold finger, legs, feet, bag etc, and very effectively proves head-to-toe clobber is always a hideous fashion mistake.