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a fast sailing ship used in former times

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Encouraged by the success of Greenpeace's sailing-assisted new Rainbow Warrior, 855 GT, launched in 2011, The Fair Transport Clipper Ship, 499 tons, is conceived as a working sailing-assisted Clipper Ship carrying cargo, crew, passengers and sailing trainees.
Knoblock tells the full story of the American clipper ships from their first development during the 1840s through the full height of their activities and achievements during the 1850s to their later operations into the early 20th century.
The Stout is named after a famous 19th century clipper ship, the fastest sailing vessel of her time.
and one flies off and lands on a clipper ship deck.
Just as the supersonic airliner Concorde was faster than a clipper ship, when either suffered a casualty, the insurance claims took time to properly investigate, evaluate, and resolve.
It revealed that, in 1880, six of the founders of Antonio Bay deliberately sank and plundered a clipper ship named the Elizabeth Dane.
eighteenth-century clipper ship in the bathroom of each of the
In 1883, the famous clipper ship, Marco Polo, ran aground off Prince Edward Island near the home of a young girl named Lucy Maud Montgomery, who wrote about the grand adventure in her journals and reflected on it years later in her notebooks.
When Nailer is faced with the possibility of escaping poverty by scavenging one of the "clipper ship" sailboats stranded in a storm, he makes a life-or-death decision that changes his own life and forges a friendship that will broaden his view of the world.
She was a new type of ship, a 2,719-ton steel-hulled steam clipper, built in the same way as a clipper ship but with auxiliary steam engines to be used in the absence of winds.
The other works on display--a poetic cross-stitch sampler (Voyage of the Clipper Ship, 2009); a wax-on-paper rubbing of a colonel's memorial plaque appended with a line about his astronaut great-grandson (Eve of Destruction, 2009); a Susan B.
In January 1853, the dry-goods firm determined to send Levi by steamer and goods via clipper ship to San Francisco, where he opened a store in March 1853.
Beautifully illustrated in watercolor and colored pencil by Kasia Charko, The Summer of the Marco Polo is a charming historical picturebook set in the summer of 1883, when a a famous clipper ship ran aground off the coast of Prince Edward Island, near the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery, a young girl who would grow up to become one of Canada's most cherished writers and the author of the classic "Anne of Green Gables".
The spray's new packaging features iconic Old Spice images such as the classic Clipper Ship and original script logo.
Star Clippers combines the pampered luxury of mega-yacht cruising with the exhilarating thrill of sailing aboard an authentic four- or five-masted clipper ship.