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cut or trimmed by clipping

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(of speech) having quick short sounds

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Inspired by the idea in paper [24, 25], we proposed a data clipping and normalization scheme, which limits the high-power spikes signal and amplifies the clipped low amplitude signal.
“The smaller size of these clips and poster sleeves make them great for being clipped on the edge of a basket or a bin,” states Sandra Reno, new product marketer at Displays2Go.
* Tubal transection is a rare event that is usually associated with a large fallopian tube that has been clipped too quickly.
The detector also includes an integrated dump valve with collection container--if any metal particle is detected, the rejected product passes into the container or, if for hygiene purposes, can be presented to the operator in a clipped log.
All clips found during the previous 24 hours are delivered through a daily e-mail Each clipped article is connected by hotlink to the originating source.
Clip Draw is a folded piece of stamped metal that attaches to a 1911, Glock or J-frame Smith and allows the gun to be clipped onto your waistband for completely holster-free carry.
Clipping at V5 decreased light interception in narrow rows at 47 DAP, compared with the treatments not clipped at V5.
Tobacco plants near clipped sagebrush showed roughly four times the activity of the enzyme polyphenol oxidase (PPO) compared with plants nestling by unmolested sagebrush.
The size of a watchface, the accessory fits in the pocket or can be clipped to clothes or a watchband and has a range of at least three metres.
You may clip the entire page or just a portion of it; when you do so, Webforia saves the content, including all text, graphics, links, and the title; creates an abstract of the clipped document based on the first three paragraphs (or a user-specified amount of text); extracts keywords, using an intelligent algorithm that tries to select significant words and indexes the page for searching.