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a small writing board with a clip at the top for holding papers

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Worse, I'd elevated the seriousness of a simple oversight because now, there was a clipboard.
"Him," Pigeon leans forward, with his own italics this time, reaches for her clipboard and taps his finger twice about halfway up the page.
The cloud-powered universal clipboard is also integrated to Microsoft's Office apps.
But something inside me muttered, "Deviation #3." So I returned to the FBO, waved to the other pilots as they taxied out, put the clipboard away and returned to my car.
But it only proved what I've thought all along and what fans have been complaining about: Van Gaal's tactics on that clipboard have been based on compactness and rigid discipline.
Simply memorize a few sequential images and use Iconic Passwords to copy your generated passcode to your clipboard at any time.
By default, Windows Clipboard saves the last 24 items you copied automatically; and you can view your cache of copied content from Word's Home tab (or any Office product's Home tab) by clicking the dropdown arrow located in the bottom-right corner of the Clipboard group, as circled in red in the image to the right.
The clipboard's splatter guard and easy clean design helps minimise the risk of cross-infection and contamination while ensuring important patient information is not lost.
Can you ask Microsoft to add a shortcut key that would copy the statistics to the clipboard so that I could then select new cells and paste the statistics into them?
The food industry uses colour coding to keep food safety simple, and Detectamet offers eight colour options in the metal detectable plastic clipboard range.
ost of existing daily and weekly maintenance processes are confined to the flat and lifeless world of a clipboard, pencil and paper.
The traditional way is with clipboard and pen, spending the time to list every property item and its condition.
It also added new features like the ability to copy the URL for a file to your clipboard, file-sharing and editing a document in landscape mode.
The $69.95 iPro Navigator--which is an articulating clipboard and iPad cradle--utilizes the RAM yoke mount clamp, RAM double-socket and one-inch ball.