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the sound of a horse's hoofs hitting on a hard surface

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The day ended with us tucking into locally-caught trout at a cafe in the old city as horse-drawn carts clip-clopped by.
Members of a painting class had positioned themselves by the gently flowing stream and were dabbing away at their easels as a group of horse riders clip-clopped by, waving at us and offering words of encouragement.
Paprika is tucked away in the basement of an elegant terrace and on this night, in the hush of early evening, it was easy to imagine how life had been years ago when broughams and hansoms clip-clopped up and down.
During all that time we longed for the clatter of milk bottles on the doorstep in the early hours of every morning as the milkman's horse clip-clopped down the streets of our home town of Birmingham.
As the horses clip-clopped away you were left with a sense of how cherished she was and how deeply her family would ache for her.
They clip-clopped through Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.
I clip-clopped to infant school in matching red and white polka dot flamenco dress and shoes thinking I was a Spanish Princess - I was only six!'
We clip-clopped past our neighbours hurtling off towards the quad-bikes and clay pigeon shooting, but we were more interested in nature - particularly the rabbits around our lodge and the rare red squirrels.