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having overlapping hull planks

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This street boat is based on an 8ft clinker-built skiff which will carry two hilarious and eccentric characters around the pier.
She was a proper old-fashioned, clinker-built, mahogany job but long past her prime and a little prone to letting in the water, which is a bit of a drawback in a boat.
In the ninth century, the Vikings began fishing in deep water and making extensive voyages in their clinker-built longboats propelled by oars and square-sail, reaching as far as Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland.
The famous wreck of a clinker-built ship that appeared in pop videos for the group Clannad is one of the main features of the Ostan's breathtaking views.
What we can say is that the ship is clinker-built which means it's probably Norse/Viking," said Mr Thompson.
Four men were on the 28ft clinker-built open vessel when it was swamped by waves near Portballintrae on the North Antrim coast.