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The value from the clinical perspective is similar, better health that results from appropriate clinical management.
Unlike other platforms, Rave allows users to work in different countries against a single, global, centrally-managed repository of clinical data - allowing for real-time electronic access of trial data.
Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in North America 12 Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Middle East and Africa 13 Top Countries Contributing to Clinical Trials in Central and South America 14 Clinical Trials by G7 Countries: Proportion of Myalgia to Central Nervous System Clinical Trials 15 Clinical Trials by Phase in G7 Countries 16 Clinical Trials in G7 Countries by Trial Status 17 Clinical Trials by E7 Countries: Proportion of Myalgia to Central Nervous System Clinical Trials 18 Clinical Trials by Phase in E7 Countries 19 Clinical Trials in E7 Countries by Trial Status 20 Clinical Trials by Phase 21 In Progress Trials by Phase 22 Clinical Trials by Trial Status 23 Clinical Trials by End Point Status 24 Unaccomplished Trials of Myalgia 25
Most people have unrealistic expectations from clinical care.
The application of proteomics in the clinical environment is limited due to a lack of knowledge regarding which proteins are most useful for analysis and how data are interpreted and represented.
Although clinical supervision is the primary focus of our discussion, we also address ethical and legal issues that commonly arise in administrative supervision.
Developing Clinical Scenarios for Critical Thinking
Clinical tax programs aid students in affirming their choice of business school and a career in business.
1984) measured physicians' perceptions of the sources of information that helped them decide to change their clinical practice.
the principal investigator of the Case AIDS Clinical Trials Unit at UHCMC and Director of the Case Western Reserve University Center for AIDS Research.
Scope - Data on the number of clinical trials conducted in North America, South and Central America, Europe, Middle-East and Africa and Asia-pacific and top five national contributions in each, along with the clinical trial scenario in BRIC nations - Clinical trial (complete and in progress) data by phase, trial status, subjects recruited and sponsor type - Listings of discontinued trials (suspended, withdrawn and terminated)
This open competition will provide the cancer research community the opportunity to establish collaborations focused on the translation of promising molecular profiles toward clinical applications.
How can health executives encourage physicians to use clinical information systems?
NEW YORK -- Medidata Solutions, a global provider of electronic clinical data capture, management and reporting solutions, today announced the introduction of Medidata Rave 5.
Vascular Dementias Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014 Summary GlobalData's clinical trial report, "Vascular Dementias Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2014" provides data on the Vascular Dementias clinical trial scenario.
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