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the weather in some location averaged over some long period of time


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Here, the poet uses it for completion of travelers' journey in sweet golden clime.
We pretend we have a choice despite the ironies that proliferate our economic and social-political clime. Even the ruling party tries as much as possible to obliterate the opposition, under the pretense of fighting corruption just to eradicate the thought of an alternative, while maintaining a political monopoly.
In the course of the weeks following the advent of winter climes, birds big and small start arriving in Islamabad and its environs, in droves and set up home in the foliage of local trees.
Not everyone is a keen traveller to cooler climes. The exact opposite is true for those fly south to warmer countries -- they'll find higher fares and less generous availability on key dates, especially around Christmas and New Year because many folk want to be away from the cold."
I would never get bored of living somewhere hot and dry Joanne Morgan I'd love to be a travel writer, visiting sunny climes and seeing different places Lewis Morgan The buildings in Dubai were amazing and it would be a great job to be able to design buildings like that Jessica Morgan My dream job would be a fashion designer as I love clothes.
? GENIAL former Reds striker Dirk Kuyt may now be gone from these shores - to the far sunnier climes of Turkey - but he'll not be forgotten in a hurry, not if he keeps on raiding the dressing up box like this anyway.
PAT Eddery has a decent prospect on his hands in the shape of Cooler Climes, who should be followed in the lingfieldpark.
LINGFIELD: 2.00 MUGAZALA (NAP), 2.30 Barolo Top, 3.00 Cooler Climes, 3.30 Gin Twist, 4.00 Six Of Clubs, 4.30 Chjimes, 5.00 Camborne.
Dunlop and Hanagan also team up with Muarrab in the Maiden Stakes (3.00) but it may pay instead to side with Pat Eddery's Cooler Climes.
#cantfeelmyfeet StonestreetFarm Rachel Alexandra keeps a close watch on her spirited colt by Curlin, born on 22/01, as they enjoy the snowfall Bloodstock agents David Redvers and Liam Norris don't seem to be enjoying the cold snap here in Britain (too used to jetsetting to more exotic climes maybe?), but the horses at Stonestreet Farm in the US don't seem to mind Follow the Racing Post on twitter @rpbloodstock for all the key updates
Bookings from Edinburgh this winter for sunnier climes are up 27 per cent year on year, according to the Co-operative Travel agency.
Bentgrass simply has too tough a time in these climes. Mayes described roughly June 15 to Sept.
These ringtailed lemurs might well be used to the sunny climes of Madagascar, but they still found the Staffordshire skies too hot to handle yesterday.
The research team from the National Evolutionary Synthesis Centre (NESCent), the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and McGill University showed that species in more variable climes also sing complex tunes.