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Synonyms for climbable

capable of being ascended

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capable of being surmounted


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He added: "If it's climbable, it's going to get ruined.
There are no body searches, no rubber gloves, no electrodes' just a camera at the gate and some eminently climbable Cotswold stone.
The down side - strong pressure to stop at every stream, climbable tree, anything you can slide down.
On the 5-acre property where I gained permission to hunt in the opening story, most of the climbable trees are covered with poison ivy, which I avoid.
Depending on conditions, climbable ice can be found in Yosemite and Sequoia national parks, Lake Tahoe, Mount Shasta and other places.
The only time running might work is if you are two steps away from your open car door, a climbable tree or a building.
At this rate, soda machines in schools will crowd out computers, and playground equipment will become climbable Pepsi dispensers.
Maximum lateral inclination (48 degrees), steepest climbable gradient (39 degrees), wading depth and so on.
The champ is now far more valuable for its protective shade, climbable branches, and inspiring size and beauty.
W ITH one eye on climbable trees to my right I followed our guide along the shore of Lake Kazuni in Northern Malawi.
Initiating a technical tree climbing program at your camp is relatively easy, providing you have climbable trees, knowledgeable staff, and a reverence for trees.
Bears pop up everywhere: on a mural comparing visitors' heights with those of local wildlife, in a climbable wooden sculpture, in an icy blue fiberglass den children can explore, and in a food-chain hierarchy of stuffed animals-herring, king salmon, seal, and polar bear-that can be fitted inside one another, all eventually to be contained in the bear's zippered stomach.
Check that all furniture, cribs, beds and climbable surfaces are located away from windows.
We took refuge next to climbable trees as they filtered past.
Crux, the area's only gym focused exclusively on climbing, features 9,000 square feet of climbable walls.