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come down

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When the rescue officials asked him to climb down, he insisted that he would only speak to the prime minister or the District Police Officer of Sargodha, otherwise he would jump down.
When asked to climb down, the man had said he will only speak to Prime Minister Imran Khan or DPO Sargodha.
When he refused to climb down despite negotiations and assurances from police, the authorities asked a mimicry artist Shafaat Ali to talk to him in Imran Khan's voice.
Two university students were fined NT$2,000 (US$65) each for trying to climb down one floor by a rope from the Taipei 101 observation deck last week, reports said Friday.
"You cannot solve a problem at the same level it was created (Albert Einstein) this is why Kikuyus must climb down," Ngunyi said via Twitter on Tuesday.
*It is high time that Saudi Arabia and the UAE began a climb down
Summary: Abu Dhabi cops persuaded him to climb down the bridge
One of the men tried to climb down using the building's water pipes before one of the pipes snapped and he fell down to his death.
"I even expect active interest rates to climb down a little because the market is restricted and the home economy is facing difficulties," Jancevski says.
As the police, rescue and paramedics arrived at the scene, the man agreed to climb down from the roof.
THE Dehradun police had a hard time on Thursday trying to convince three women activists, who had climbed atop a tree in the district magistrate's office compound, to climb down.
A NAKED woman had to be rescued when she got stuck while trying to climb down her ex-lover's chimney in the middle of the night.
Blue watch manager Neil Byrne said: "We managed to climb down into the hole and, with a lot of elbow grease, we managed to force her out."
Although Pollyanna, 39, pleaded with Ricky, 38, not to pleaded with Ricky, 38, not to climb down the cliff at Foye rs, climb down the cliff at Foye rs, the roofer "had no choice".
The pair reached a difficult spot where one could climb down but the other could not.