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Synonyms for climactic

Synonyms for climactic

of or constituting a climax

Antonyms for climactic

consisting of or causing a climax

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These regions also happen to be climactically or seismically unstable.
In the final "I say pull down," the word "down" is sungvery high and long (high G-fiat), loudly and climactically, with much staccato agitation (including a military-rhythm snare drum) in the full-ensemble accompaniment, signaling the apogee of the judgment on others.
This Day, accompanied by the brass ensemble, percussion and the TAISM Children's Choir, a large, loud and boastful piece which climactically welcomes in the new day.
Parade over, they climactically desert the square and head for the horizon in a cavalcade of assorted forms of transport--Ivan in his pie van; 'a niece named Kate, who's only got one roller skate'; 'Kate's two brothers, Mitch and Mike (who) both prefer to hitch and hike', and so it goes; fourteen whacky characters, thirteen different forms of transport.
Hitting theaters two years after its fest circuit debut, "Cassadaga" is a throwback to the lurid '60s shockers that followed in the wake of "Psycho": those in which some perverse childhood trauma explains decades later why the climactically revealed killer has been recently hacking up fashion models.
Climactically, this restores his bizarrely transformed body to normal visibility again.
These associations of money and male orgasmic/phallic potency--"coming up" with the money--evoke the money-shot of pornographic film, in which the man climactically ejaculates on camera so that his sexual pleasure and satisfaction is made incontrovertibly visible and literal for the audience.
Even when Aeneas can see that Turnus no longer holds a threat, he pursues him relentlessly because preceding events, climactically the death of Pallas, have gradually desensitized him.
Shots only of activity, no longer clearly within any particular character's experience, are offered directly and climactically to the viewers.
Consistent with Hegelianism as philosophy, this is a way to offer a unified solution to the problems of the underserved through evolvement or the evolution of a reasoning process that climactically depicts reality in the lens of the dialectic method.
But in ferrying the two women down the Ganges to Varanasi, Ganesh directs their skiff alongside the corpses of animals that float on the surface of the water, as well as those of an adult human (99) and, climactically, a baby boy (100) who would most likely have been the same age as Gabriel when the latter was killed.
This sense of loss is underscored by the poet through the formulaic refrain: "I have left behind" with repeated urgency and immediacy, highlighting a heightened nostalgic feeling ending climactically in "I have left behind / a delta of fortune" (18).
2006) comparing the attractiveness of ammonium acetate plus putrescine with torula yeast plus borax in commercial orchards of 3 crop species in southern Puerto Rico, coinciding climactically and geographically with our Juana Diaz site.
He ended the plot climactically on the scaffold with Arthur Dimmesdale's dying confession.
Wright and Wylie, in their introduction, offer a similar liberal narrative: "In contrast with Canada, a vast and resource-rich land, climactically stable, with a long history of peaceful progress towards parliamentary democracy, Cuba is a poor island nation with an extremely violent history, a single crop economy (sugar), and a climate that regularly delivers devastating hurricanes and ruinous drought.