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Synonyms for climactic

Synonyms for climactic

of or constituting a climax

Antonyms for climactic

consisting of or causing a climax

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But in ferrying the two women down the Ganges to Varanasi, Ganesh directs their skiff alongside the corpses of animals that float on the surface of the water, as well as those of an adult human (99) and, climactically, a baby boy (100) who would most likely have been the same age as Gabriel when the latter was killed.
This sense of loss is underscored by the poet through the formulaic refrain: "I have left behind" with repeated urgency and immediacy, highlighting a heightened nostalgic feeling ending climactically in "I have left behind / a delta of fortune" (18).
2006) comparing the attractiveness of ammonium acetate plus putrescine with torula yeast plus borax in commercial orchards of 3 crop species in southern Puerto Rico, coinciding climactically and geographically with our Juana Diaz site.
Wright and Wylie, in their introduction, offer a similar liberal narrative: "In contrast with Canada, a vast and resource-rich land, climactically stable, with a long history of peaceful progress towards parliamentary democracy, Cuba is a poor island nation with an extremely violent history, a single crop economy (sugar), and a climate that regularly delivers devastating hurricanes and ruinous drought.
Peter Bell the Third, written in Shelley's annus mirabilis of 1819, then climactically revisits what he views as Wordsworth's accommodation to things as they are in the comically high-flown conversion narrative, Peter Bell.
Chapter 1 explores the development of Christian typology and its impact on the English mystery plays (York in particular); chapter 2 relates the theology of redemption to economic analysis, detailing not only late Catholic theology and its impact on fifteenth-century morality plays but also Coverdale's translation of Luther's Blutgeld as "bludmoney" and its sanguinary transactions in Protestant thinking; chapter 3 takes on vicarious atonement; chapter 4 turns climactically to Marlowe and shows how his sardonic drama picks up the themes Parker has elaborated and embodies them in an expose of Christian bad faith.
He also defined it, climactically, as "something understood.
Located in seismically stable, climactically mild Eastern Washington, IT-Lifeline operates a business technology recovery hub that delivers levels of redundancy from real-time continuation of all or priority operations, to data vaulting and recovery of critical data and applications.
all the stars of the other pole / I saw at night; and ours above the deep / did not ever rise from the sea") with a like report--of the alienation of northern-based travelers by southern seas-from the world-traveler Humboldt, whom Irving had climactically cited on Columbus' "ultimate success" being a "conquest of reflection": (37)
78) He is known only by his self-revelation through history, and climactically in Christ.
Our work indicates the dollar problem will end climactically and not in a soft landing.
Okay, but more effective in the German, where the simile comes first, and the subject, climactically, afterward.
As was true from wilderness days on, God "tabernacles" among mortals--just as John's Gospel would remind us he did climactically in Jesus Christ (1:14).
The "great doubt" (or "great doubt block") is nothing other than the intrinsic predicament of the ego in ego-consciousness thoroughly and climactically exacerbated.
Although the tropics cover nearly 40% of the world's surface, from rainforests to dry desert regions, the architecture of this climactically extreme geographic area has largely gone unnoticed.