cliff rose

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tufted thrift of seacoasts and mountains of north temperate zone

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What we wound up using was a whole variety of yuccas, including one called 'Bright Edge,' with lots of yellows and reds mixed in, a couple of manzanitas and one cliff rose.
I chose to fight on the side of bears, mountain lions, skunks, bats, saguaros, cliff rose and all things wild.
The Blossom Collection features Athenian Orchid & Jasmine, Linden Blossom White Gardenia, and Cliff Rose & White Carnation.
Our first experience with our early television and radio [advertising] is that when people called in they really didn't know what this product was," says Cliff Rose, founder of VIT.
These mid-level mesa lands of endless box canyons, hidden little flats and basins are carpeted with thick stands of low, tough junipers, cedars, pinion pine, manzanita, oak brush, cliff rose and wild grasses and forbs that not only give deer concealment but an endless variety of food throughout the year.
Cliff Rose, co-founder of Vision Improvement Technologies said, "The Eye Care International program is a superior value which enhances the value of the See Clearly Program by providing our customers with a free annual eye exam and substantial discounts on eye care purchases such as glasses and contact lens.