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Synonyms for cliched

Synonyms for cliched

repeated regularly without thought or originality


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As soon as my mouth opens I just can't seem to hold back on cliched phrases, and I always find myself thinking about how much of an idiot I must sound like.
Her pal Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) represents the cliched blowsy, bitter housewife (should any further information about her be needed, she pratfalls in an exercise class and steps into dog excrement while trying to polish her image).
I believe it goes back to their school days when English teachers would read their cliched ramblings about moons and parrots, and screech "different class" at them along with instructions for finding the Learning Disabilities room.
Wilson complains that "Joss Whedon and [his] staff writers gained trust [about Tara's future on the show] under false pretenses, then leveled viewers with a bloody, cliched story line.
Why does the whole development seem so cliched and inflated?
Framed in the cliched locutions of "the Old West" of both popular and literary culture, each question allows Sorrentino to question the very meaning and etymology of its component words and phrases.
What results is often a cliched sentiment about the rural nether-regions of our land and the gritty struggles and triumphs of the human spirit that occur there (the recent, over-hyped novels Plainsong, by Kent Haruf, and Winter Range, by Claire Davis, come to mind).
As numerous theorists and critics have now recognized, the satirist attacks, indirectly, all kinds of unexamined and cliched thinking.