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a coupler shaped like the letter U with holes through each end so a bolt or pin can pass through the holes to complete the coupling

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In this application, Hutchinson used Ultramid to develop seven clevis brackets for different powertrain and platform combinations that are up to 45 percent lighter with improved damping performance and corrosion resistance, at no additional cost, than the standard die cast aluminum design.
All sizes feature an integrated swivel with a clevis or tab option, which places the product closer to the reamer and reduces the chance of binding.
Clevis Hangers support non-insulated stationary pipes and meet specific load requirements.
Perhaps you have also seen the cast implement hitch that has an optional clevis that bolts onto the bottom or an optional sliding V-plate to reduce the pin hole size.
igubal spherical bearings are self-aligning components--rod ends, clevis joints, flange bearings, pivot bearings, and pillow blocks--made entirely of high-performance plastics.
Changing the look of a spinner rig, Gofron says, goes beyond just popping a blade off a quick-change clevis and replacing it.
by Marina Paola Banchetti-Robino and Clevis Ronald Headley.
The clevis and rod assemblies are able to compensate for slight misalignment, which is said to help provide accurate and repeatable weighing.
* Heavy-duty tension cylinder features a self-aligning rear clevis
Used mainly with pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, the Metric fork heads (yokes) come in two types--one available with a clevis pin and circlip, the other a clevis pin with snap-on securing collar.
Made from DOKA-MONO 1601, the trapezoidal elements vary in length from 1 to 25m, and are attached to the framework using the Haver & Boecker tension profile and clevis screw system.
In response to industry demand for a three-ton capacity actuator suited for applications requiring positive mechanical positioning, this machine screw actuator has a standard 24.2 efficiency rating, can be driven at 2 hp maximum, and is available with top plate, clevis end, or threaded end mounts.
To use it, the center clevis (at the bottom in your picture)is anchored to a deadman or tree.
The sensor is designed for the industry's shortest installed hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, including challenging clevis mount configurations.